Hero Games
Campaign Stuff
GMs: Chris Lewis Phil
REF: Champions Sheet
REF: Hero Sheet
REF: Blank Speed Chart
REF: Rules Reference
REF: Character Reference
REF: Hex Grid #1
REF: Hex Grid #2
REF: Hex Paper
UTIL: Calculations
EXP: Experience Chart
Player Characters
Golden Girl (PDF)
Wraith (PDF)
Robin (PDF)
Mr. Clean
Iron Chef
Iron Maiden
Non-Player Characters
Alley Cat; Big Bertha; Blood Nova; Christmas Bomber;
Crimson Tide; Evers; Fire Dogs; Five, The;
FrostMare; Goblins; Guy Dandy Pierce & Vampire Bride;
Hobgoblins; Quetzalcouatl; Mall Rats; Manticore;
Nagula Pashtun; Randy; Rat-Bat Gang; Shaolin Punks;
Silver Eagle #1; Silver Eagle #2; Tezcatlipoca; Toad;
Top-Hat Gang; Wes Craven & Darla
* Origins #1
* Origins #2
* Big Bertha
* Downtown Fire
* Party With The Rat-Bat Boys
* Nagula Pashtun: Lord Of The Taxi
* 2 Out Of 3 Out Of 'Five' Ain't Bad
* Mall Rats
* Origins #3
* The Crimson Tide
* Why Clones Go 'Pop'
* Manticore In The Dark
* The Christmas Bomber
* Gothic Park
* Goblins Under Foot
* Escape Of The Killer Clown
* Dilli Darbar: Bhavai Assassin
* Tezcatlipoca and the Prison Of Night
* Tezcatlipoca and the Mirror Of Time
* GDP: Life Of The Party
* GDP: Breakin' In, Bustin' Out
* FrostMare
* Blood Nova
* Strike Of The Motley Crew
* The Time-Hopping Toad
* Interlude: Cracks
* Monsters Again, Part 1
* Monsters Again, Part 2
* The Politics of Potions
* Sometimes Survival is Soporific